Core Concepts


A Web Platform application (or "Main application") in the context of Glue42 Core is a web application that uses the @glue42/web-platform package. This app is responsible for configuring the entire Glue42 environment and acts as a central hub for all Web Client apps in your Glue42 Core project. All Glue42 operations are routed through this Main application, meaning that this is the place where you can get centralized logging, information about all operations and details about the general state of your project. The configuration for all Glue42 libraries (e.g., Application Management, Layouts, Workspaces, Plugins, Notifications) is handled here.

The Main application also provides tracking and control over non-Glue42 applications opened through it. The level of control is limited, but all basic operations are available - open, close, receiving events, listing, adding and manipulating via Workspaces.

Characteristics and Limitations

Keep in mind the following important characteristics and limitations of the Main application:

  • It is required for a Glue42 Core project to have a Web Platform app (Main app), because it handles the entire Glue42 environment which connects all Web Client apps. In order for a Web Client app to be connected to the Glue42 environment, it must be opened by the Web Platform application or by another Web Client already connected to the Glue42 environment.

  • The Main application must be the only entry point of the project for the end users to ensure that the Web Platform application is running before any Web Client app has been opened.

  • If the Main application is closed, all Web Client applications will lose their connection to Glue42 and therefore - all Glue42 capabilities. Opening the Main app again won't reestablish the connection, because this will effectively be an entirely new window with a new session and new context. However, if the Main application is refreshed, the existing Web Client apps will detect that and will reconnect as soon as the Main app is back online.

  • Due to browser limitations, the Web Platform application window cannot be manipulated through the Window Management or Application Management APIs (closed, moved, etc.). The Main application is designed to be opened manually by the end users - if it hasn't been opened by a script, it cannot be manipulated by a script.

  • It is possible for the user to open more than one instance of the Main application. However, there will be no connection between the windows opened by the different Main application instances or between the Main app instances themselves, unless the subsequent Main apps are opened by another Main app. If a Main application is started by another Main application, then it falls back to being a regular Web Client application and it will be connected to the Main application that has started it and to all other Web Client apps opened by the same Main application.