What is Glue42 Core+?


Glue42 Core+ is available as a standalone NPM package - @glue42/core-plus, and offers an extensive set of additional features available under a paid license, thus bridging the gap between Glue42 Core and Glue42 Enterprise.

The following diagram shows the features offered by Glue42 Core and Glue42 Core+:

Besides the free open-source features of Glue42 Core, a Glue42 Core+ project can benefit from the rich additional functionalities, enabling you to meet the business needs and requirements of your enterprise-level web projects.

Note that all paid features available only under a Glue42 Core+ license are marked with the Glue42 Core+ logo in the left menu throughout the documentation site. See the Capabilities and Developers sections to discover all Glue42 Core+ functionalities.

In a licensed Glue42 Core+ project, you can use:

  • Layouts to save and restore multi-monitor app arrangements;
  • Metrics to track performance;
  • Connectors to integrate your web apps with Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, Outlook and more;
  • an installable Browser Extension which replaces the need for a Main app and provides many other handy features for your web project;
  • automatic FDC3 implementation injection;
  • Glue42 Developer Tools (Interop Viewer, Context Viewer) for tracking the behavior of Interop methods and streams and shared contexts.

Glue42 Core+ enables you to connect to a Glue42 Server, and even achieve interoperability across different user machines. Customer support is also available under a paid license for Glue42 Core+.

For the Glue42 Core+ general and API requirements and compatibility, see the Requirements & Compatibility section.


The @glue42/core-plus library is free to download from the public NPM registry, but it requires a valid license key to operate. To purchase a license or request a trial one, contact us at info@glue42.com.

For more details on how to use the Glue42 Core+ platform if you already have a valid license key, see the Developers > Glue42 Core+ Platform section.


Note that some of the features described here are still under development and detailed information about them isn't available yet. For more information, contact us at info@glue42.com.


End users in large enterprises often have multi-monitor setups on which they arrange the necessary apps in the most convenient way for executing daily tasks. The Layouts feature of Glue42 Core+ allows them to save and later restore the exact arrangement and context of their environment - windows, apps, Workspaces, and their bounds and context. Users can save multiple apps and Workspaces in different Layouts, each corresponding to a specific task or workflow. Restoring the saved Layout happens with a single click and saves time and effort for finding, launching and arranging the desired apps.


The Glue42 Metrics in a Glue42 Core+ project enable you to instrument your apps to record data in the form of metrics. This is helpful when you want to optimize your business processes and tools, to discover more efficient workflows or to assess and improve employee performance by collecting data about the user journey, click patterns, app performance and more.

Browser Extension

The Browser Extension is an installable extension that provides an out-of-the-box setup for the Glue42 Core+ environment, replacing the need for a Main app in your project. The extension provides the connection between the Web Client apps, supports connecting to app and Layout stores, can inject the Glue42 Web library and an FDC3 implementation for your apps to use, has a fully configured Workspaces App and a Notifications library. It also contains the Glue42 Interop Viewer and Context Viewer developer tools and an optional widget that can be used in Web Client apps to show the Glue42 connection status and a Channel Selector.


It is common for large enterprises to depend heavily on established third-party apps like Excel, Salesforce or Bloomberg. Integration with these apps is critical, but often complicated. The Glue42 Core+ Connectors enable your web apps to integrate easily with Bloomberg, Fidessa, Salesforce, Excel, Outlook and more, saving your organization considerable development effort and resources.

Dev Tools

In addition to the default browser console accessible through F12, a Glue42 Core+ project benefits from two other developer tools - the Interop Viewer and the Context Viewer. They enable you to observe and test the Glue42 functionalities in your Glue42 enabled apps in real time, without the need of dummy apps. You can use the Interop Viewer to monitor and test the behavior of all registered Interop methods and streams and the Context Viewer to track and modify all available shared contexts.

FDC3 Injection

The Glue42 Browser Extension enables you to inject automatically an FDC3 implementation into your Glue42 Core+ web apps.

For more details on FDC3 and using the FDC3 open standard in Glue42 enabled apps, see the FDC3 Compliance section and the FDC3 documentation.

Connectivity to Glue42 Server

A Glue42 Core+ project can connect to a Glue42 Server and use its functionalities.

For more details about the Glue42 Server, see the Glue42 Server section of the Glue42 Enterprise documentation.

Cross Machine Interoperability

Glue42 Core+ allows interoperability between apps running on different user machines. This is usually achieved by hosting a Glue42 Gateway on a remote server and connecting to it.

Customer Support

Customer support is included under a paid license for Glue42 Core+. For more information, contact us at info@glue42.com.

High Level Structure

The basic structure of a Glue42 Core+ project is identical to a Glue42 Core project. It consists of a Main app which uses the Glue42 Core+ Platform library and multiple Web Client apps that use the Glue42 Web library. The Main app acts as a hub through which the user can access all other apps part of the Glue42 Core+ project while the @glue42/core-plus library provides the communication connection between all client apps. The Glue42 Web library provides Glue42 functionality to the client apps through sets of Glue42 APIs.

For more details, see the Capabilities section.